Accomodation Setup

Accomodation Setup

Oil and gas exploration projects are prolonged affairs, usually run at remote places. Thus, accommodation facility is a vital aspect of every such exploration site to ensure a stress-free lodging for the crew members. CTPL assures to be your reliable aide whenever you are in need of premium accommodation facilities for your exploration group- at any exploration site across India.

Though often overlooked by regular RIG service companies yet accommodation setup for the exploration group is a crucial need to guarantee an uninterrupted exploration project. We do understand your need for suitable accommodation setup for your entire workforce- given our comprehensive approach on every aspect of RIG operation, leased lodging is one of our chief services. We promise to support our clients with top-notch accommodation set-up for the entire exploration team. CTPL is armed with a vast resource of hired bunk houses and hence would be able to cater to any size of RIG crew.

We believe that a comfortable lodging is significant to ensure a happy, productive and stress-free working environ. Oil or gas exploration is a strenuous affair and hence your team deserves a comfortable lodging end of the day. Thus, we assure you premium bunk houses with the promise of compatible accommodation.

All our bunk houses are befitted with AC machines to ensure a convenient stay post a rigorous exploration all through the day. Moreover, we guarantee you sturdy accommodation set-up, duly designed to withstand the rough terrain & ambience of exploration sites. Our leasing rates are really affordable.


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