RIG Transportation

RIG Transportation

RIG transportation is one of the most specialized services from CTPL as we are aimed to look after every major aspect of RIG operation. We assist with a credible, speedy transportation of Workover & Drilling Rig for oil & gas exploration sites across India.

We understand that RIG transportation demands specialized equipment for an appropriate moving and hence CTPL is very specific about its fleet of trucks that are solely designed for RIG relocation. Our RIG transportation fleet is really edgy and sturdy enough for a smooth ride across the tough terrains of the country. Our RIG inventory is packed with a versatile range of RIGs to choose as per needed parameters on power, pipe utilization, drilling technique, height etc. Being an experienced player in the field we are completely aware of the distinct transportation needs of each of the RIG types and hence have got diverse trucks accordingly.

We promise you a stress free RIG transportation service by seasoned, dedicated and skilled truckers. They are experienced in traveling under diverse weather situations & versatile terrains across the country- hence CTPL can always assure a premium RIG transportation, irrespective of the weather & your site route. Our truckers will always work in collaboration with your oil company managers or supervisors so that you can always keep tab on the progress of the machine to your site.

Finally, our RIG transportation truckers sincerely abide by all the relevant safety & legal regulations to guarantee a secured worry-free RIG relocation.